Why Ezicaddy

EziCaddy motorised buggies are:


  • EziCaddy has been selling and sevicing quality electric buggies in Australia for more than 16 years.
  • EziCaddy buggies are protected by a comprehensive 24month warranty on most parts including the chassis and motor/gearbox
  • EziCaddy has a 1300 number connecting you to customer care and service.
  • EziCaddy will give you many years of reliable service.
  • EziCaddy will be around to look after your investment for the life of the buggy.
  • EziCaddy can you afford to buy something less than the best?
  • EziCaddy represents great value, Ezicaddy is inexpensive but is not 'cheap' - can you afford to buy a cheap buggy?
  • You can be proud to own an EziCaddy buggy.


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